Kristin Cano, PhD photo
Kristin Cano, PhD
Technical Director
Biomolecular NMR Core Facility
Xiaohang Cao, MD photo
Xiaohang Cao, MD
Senior Research Associate
Dr. Hart's Lab
Jeffery Chavez photo
Jeffery Chavez
Senior Research Assistant
Dr. Jiang's Lab
Hongyun Cheng photo
Hongyun Cheng
Laboratory Helper
Dr. Jiang's Lab
Vi Dougherty  photo
Vi Dougherty
Research Associate
Dr. Fitzpatrick's lab
Gary Gorbet photo
Gary Gorbet
Senior Applications Systems Analyst
Demeler (UltraScan)
Stephen Holloway, PhD photo
Stephen Holloway, PhD
Senior Research Associate
Dr. Hart's Lab
Guiming Li photo
Guiming Li
Senior Research Associate
High-Throughput Screening Facility/Center for Innovation in Drug Discovery
Karen McCammon photo
Karen McCammon
Senior Research Associate
Works with Dr. Nathaniel Clark
Dana Molleur photo
Dana Molleur
Research Core Facility Technician
Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
Sammy Pardo photo
Sammy Pardo
Research Core Facility Technologist
Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
Srikanth Polusani, PhD photo
Srikanth Polusani, PhD
Blair Richter, MS photo
Blair Richter, MS
Senior Research Associate
Dr. Lafer's Lab
Alex Taylor, PhD photo
Alex Taylor, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
X-ray Crystallography Core Facility
Liping Wang photo
Liping Wang
Technical Director for Institutional Center for Macromolecular I
Dr. Lafer and Demeler's Lab
Elena Wright photo
Elena Wright
Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Dr. Serwer's Lab