Recall Objectives

After completing this activity, you should be able to: 

  1. Define lipid and recognize that lipids are hydrophobic.
  2. Recognize the different types of lipids.
  3. Distinguish saturated from unsaturated fatty acids.
  4. Recognize lipids as important constituents of membranes.
  5. Sequence the general mechanisms of lipid digestion.
  6. Describe the general mechanism by which triacylglycerides are broken down in adipocytes.
  7. Describe how fatty acids reach the mitochondria.
  8. Be able to recognize the steps of β-oxidation.
  9. Identify differences in oxidation for odd-number and unsaturated fatty acids.
  10. Recall the steps of fatty acid biosynthesis and how they differ from β-oxidation.
  11. Identify the committed step in fatty acid biosynthesis.


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