Department of Biochemistry

Free Mailing Lists

  • UT-Grid (Mailing list for grid computing and HPC initiatives at UTHSCSA, UTSA and TACC)
  • FDS (Mailing list for discussion about the new Fluorescence Detection System on the XLF analytical ultracentrifuge)
  • UltraScan (Mailing list for the UltraScan AUC data analysis software)
  • HSC-Unix (Mailing list for the discussion of Unix issues)
  • Genomics (Mailing list for users of the Genomics software on the bioinformatics server)
  • Biochemistry Student Journal Club (Mailing list for Student Journal Club Members)
  • GCG-Users (Mailing list for users of the GCG Wisconsin software package from Accelrys)
  • Beowulf-Users (Mailing list for the users of the Beowulf Linux Supercomputing cluster)
  • Bioinf-users (Mailing list for users of the Bioinformatics Server and the Biochemistry Modem Bank)
  • Biochem-users (Mailing list for users of the Biochemistry departmental E-mail and webpage server)
  • FDS (Mailing list for developers of the Fluorescence Detection System for the analytical ultracentrifuge)

Restricted Lists:

The Department of Biochemistry mailing lists are served by GNU Mailman listserver software. If you need your own mailing list, please notify us by e-mail or call (210) 767-3332.